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Experiebce Process
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What is the exhibition experience?
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The elderly-friendly products are specially designed products, in which the mental and physical characteristics of the elderly are considered, so that the health management, caring, daily life, convenience in leisure and cultural life of the elderly can be can be guaranteed.

The exhibition experience hall in the Seongnam Senior Experience Complex (hereinafter referred to as 'Miraeseum') is designed to enable visitors to see and touch the elderly-friendly products in person, so that the elderly and family taking care of them may experience the exhibition and get useful information.

The experiential process consists of watching and touching the elderly-friendly things as visitors are following the specialized instructor to make a tour in the hall, where the function-oriented articles for the elderly, such as articles for daily use, defecation-related items, static posture-related items, anti-bedsore products, movement-related items are displayed, and the space like Techno-house that is focused on space for the elderly. There are 13 types of such articles and spaces in the hall. And this exhibition experience is also aimed at expanding the market of elderly-friendly products by providing substantial information to the specialized employees in the elderly-friendly product industry.

In addition, we are planning to play a role as the hub of elderly-friendly product industry, which may develop and boost the industry by drawing national interest in such products and increasing participation in such activities.
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The decision on which articles to be exhibited and the space composition to be used have been made on the basis of understanding the daily life and basic motion of the elderly. And the standards of classification for the articles were established through a cross-check of the domestic and foreign classification system for products presentation.
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According to the categories of articles mentioned above, the product information of domestic manufacturers and the product information of foreign manufacturers and distributors was collected, so that the articles to be exhibited could be selected among the products with representability in the market, diversity and distinction.
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The exhibition space was organized according to the function of products from the classification of products to be exhibited, the space where the products would be used, and the themes related to dementia experience and health examination. So, it has been organized to secure effective exhibition experience through
"Exhibition + Experience + Information".
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The Techno-house is aimed at understanding of home-care, development and evaluation of elderly-friendly products, and remodeling and spread of houses in consideration of the elderly, through the experience of model house, in which we pay attention to the daily life and activities of the elderly in the house, where they actually live.
The opening hours and number of people for the experience tour
in the exhibition experience hall are as follows.
(Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays)
Operating four times a day
  1st touring 2st touring Lunch time 3st touring 4st touring
Exhibition 10:00 ~ 11:30 11:30 ~ 13:00 13:00 ~ 14:00 14:00 ~ 15:30 15:30 ~ 17:00
Time required : One and half an hour
Number of people at a time : Less than 40 (Adjustable when a group is visiting) at a time.
The group tour is available when the group is composed of more than four people.
Admission and experience tour is free of charge.