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Experiebce Process
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What is the life experience?
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As aging of the elderly is making progress, the physical function declines and the adaptability to surroundings is deteriorated. So, they cannot but feel discomfort in physical movement and in all areas of life, as well as feel uncomfortable in their own living space.

The life experience hall is aimed at drawing the social interest in the elderly, increasing the understanding between the elderly and the would-be elderly, and promoting an intergenerational integration by encouraging young people to experience the physical, mental and social changes in the elderly, including their discomfort caused by such changes.

The experiential process consists of the pseudo-experience of an elderly person, in which the muscular strength of upper and lower body is oppressed by wearing an experiential clothes is realized.
부제목 01 좌측 사진
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The discomfort felt by the elderly is not limited to a certain place, but it occurs all areas of life.
So, this exhibition has been designed to enable people to experience what is happening in all areas of the life of the elderly, including the detailed experiences in both static and dynamic state.
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This exhibition is focused on making the person participating in the life experience feel comfortable and familiar by creating the Korean space images. And also, the various information related to the elderly will be delivered through the visual images on the walls inside the exhibition room, as the visitors are going through a life experience.
부제목 04
In order to help raise understanding of elderly-friendly products, the experiential space has been designed to be connected with the life of the elderly. And an alternative with which the discomfort felt by the elderly may be resolved by providing the information regarding the use of elderly -friendly products.
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The effect of experience has been maximized through the comparison-oriented experience in using the stairway with differentiated gradient, slope, and the kitchen space designed for the elderly.
The opening hours and number of people for the experience tour
in the exhibition experience hall are as follows.
(Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays)
Operating four times a day
  1st touring 2st touring 3st touring 4st touring
Life 10:00 ~ 12:00 12:00 ~ 13:00 13:00 ~ 15:00 15:00 ~ 17:00
Time required : Two hours
Number of people at a time : Less than 40 (Adjustable when a group is visiting) at a time.
The group tour is available when the group is composed of more than four people.
Admission and experience tour is free of charge.