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Health Promotion
Health Promotion
The Seongnam Senior...
Health examination at ordinary times
  • 01. Basic examination
  • Preparing for unexpected future contingencies through a basic and simple examination
  • Major tests : Blood test, blood-pressure check, body composition
    test, bone mineral density test
  • 02. Physical evaluation
  • Early detection of disease by carrying the systematic physical evaluation for the visitors to our experience complex
  • Major tests : Assessment of physical fitness, respiratory function
    test, balance test
  • 03. Individual cognitive assessment
  • Early detection of disease by carrying the systematic cognitive assessment for the visitors to our experience complex
  • Major tests : Screening inspection of dementia
    (KDSQ : Korean Dementia Screening Questionnaire) Elderly depression test (Geriatric Depression Scale: short form)
Regular health examination
  • Specialized examination
  • Early detection of disease by introducing the systematic and specialized basic
    health examination service of the Eulji Hospital into the health experience program
  • Major tests : Specialized examination and medical examination implemented
    by a professor from the Department of Family Medicine at the Eulji Hospital Basic examination (physical measurement, blood pressure measurement), blood test (blood-sugar test, hyperlipidemia test, accurate blood-sugar test), bone mineral density test, body composition test
Lecture on health
  • We are giving a differentiated lecture by inviting medical specialists and nurses from the Eulji Hospital in order
    to help the elderly live healthy and profitable life through prevention of chronic disease in early stage.
  • In case of a health disorder, we make a quick reservation and offer discounts of medical expense through interlocking with the Eulji Hospital.
Regular health examination
  • We help the elderly improve their physical balance index by using
    an exercise program, in which they may improve the balance by
    using a band and other props.
  • Group exercise programs (Gymnastics for the weak elderly people,
    Exercise for arthritis)/ obesity counseling/ physical activity
    counseling/ Fitness center/ Physical therapy/ backbone test
  • 01. Basic examination
  • Alternative remedy for skin care / Aromatherapy skin care /
       Hand massage/ Face massage / Nail art
       The Department of Dermatic Health Management of Eulji University is
       participating in this programs
Lecture on health
  • Evaluation of individual physical health
  • Selection of proper exercise method
  • Teaching the method that may improve physical health of individuals
  • Health management after learning how to exercise through individual counseling
Lecture on health
Division Sub-unit business Subjects Methods of operation Examination
Questionnaire survey of physical condition Member of
Survey on medical history, physical
condition, and exercise habit
Ultrasonic treatment Treatment of acute and chronic
inflammation by suing heating effect
Backbone test Scoliotic spine, Lordosis · cyphosis
spine test, pelvic test
Measuring instrument for low
pressure of feet
Measuring and evaluating the
pressure on feet when standing up
Interference wave treatment Treatment on pains and inflammation
by using ICT medium frequency
Transcutaneous electrical
nerve stimulator
Pain relief treatment by using the TENS
Air-pressure massage Massage treatment on arms and
legs by using air pressure
Physical therapy counseling Counseling related to operation of
physical therapy and health