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Introduction of sister institutions
Academic-industrial cooperation group of Eulji University
This is an organization in...
  • 1. Building up the systematic supporting system for academic-industrial cooperation activities
  • 2. Acting as a principal agent in making academic-industrial cooperation contracts
  • 3. Integrated management of financial resources for academic-industrial cooperation
  • 4. Improving trust stability between principal agents participating in academic-industrial cooperation by establishing
       an organization exclusively in charge of cooperation
Eulji Foundation
    In the past half-century history, the Eulji Foundation has always been there for you!
  • The foundation has been dreaming of the world without pains through medical services, and designing the bright
    future on this land through education businesses. And now, we promise a bright future in another century,
    which is full of new hope.
Eulji University
    Daejeon Campus of Eulji University
  • The Daejeon campus is composed of the Department of Pre-medicine, Department of Medicine, Department of Nursing, Department of Clinical Pathology, including the Graduate School. By creating a perfect clinical training environment, the school has been achieving 100% pass rate in the state examination and in employment rate every year. And more that 1,000 students are pursuing their dream of future career.
    Seongnam Campus of Eulji University
  • The Seongnam Campus of Eulji University is making a great effort to create an academic atmosphere and the campus with pleasant surroundings. Recently, the construction of gymnasium (Jicheongwan) and digital library (Beomseokgwan), which are located in the building with seven stories above ground and four underground levels, has been completed, so that the talented young people in health care and medical fields can be cultivated in the cutting-edge educational environment created through the continuous renewal of the campus.
    Eulji Human Resources Development Institute
  • The main building of this institute, which is equipped with a wide range of ancillary facilities, is located at the place in a superb natural landscape with Seolak Mt. behind the buildings, looking down the East Sea. This is known as the best training institute in this country, where people from all walks of life, as well as the family member of Eulji Foundation, can take a leap again through education, and have time to recharge themselves through relaxation.
Eulji University Medical Center
    Eulji University Hospital
  • This hospital was established in 1981 in Daejeon Metro city. And it is known as the best hospital located in the central region of this country. This hospital plays a leading role in the advanced medical services by introducing the robot-based surgery for the first time in the central region, as well as the installation of cutting-edge medical equipment such as the PET-CT, cyclotron, VMAT, and gamma-knife.
    Eulji General Hospital
  • The Eulji General Hospital is the parent hospital of Eulji University Medical Center, which originated from the Park Young Ha Obstetrics and Gynecology established in 1956 and has been putting 'Human Love and Life Respect' for more than a half-century. On the basis of various cutting-edge equipment, high-quality medical staff and the thorough services, this hospital is providing the best medical treatment.
    Gangnam Eulji Hospital
  • The Gangnam Eulji Hospital is operating a health promotion center in which the rehab clinic is focused on the treatment of Internet addiction(game), gambling, alcoholism and other drug abuses. And also, this hospital is providing the total healing services that help recover mental and physical health through the specialized remedies and rehabilitation solution, which are interlocked with the works of the health promotion center, suggesting a new paradigm related to the rehab clinic.